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Having a Fasting Blood Test?

In order to get an accurate result you need to make sure that you follow these instructions for fasting blood tests:

  • You MUST NOT eat or drink anything, except for water, for at least 12 hours before your appointment with the nurse.
  • You can have your regular medication with a glass of water on the day of the appointment. DO NOT stop you medication unless you doctor advised you otherwise.
  • If the test requested is a lipid profile (cholesterol test) you should have a light, early meal the night before the test, avoiding greasy foods such as cheese, bacon, sausages, fries, etc.
  • You MUST NOT have any alcoholic drinks the night before the test.
  • If you have diabetes and are on insulin or oral medication, try to get the earliest appointment possible and ensure you have your breakfast as soon as you come out of the surgery. It is advisable that you bring a snack with you, like a banana or a yogurt, in case you experience symptoms of hypoglycaemia.

And finally, please let the nurse know if you think you did not follow these instructions; she will advice you what to do.